Success and Power – Perspective


“With Success and Power, more often than not, we begin to overestimate

Success is based on perspective
Success is based on perspective.

our own power. Then we lose perspective, and there becomes our downfall.”

~ Unknown

“Success” is in the eyes of the beholder. It is a perspective, therefore if you don’t feel “successful,” then change your perspective. Everyone is successful – everyone, in some way, is successful. A great mother is a success with or without a paycheck. A great father is a success regardless of income or job status. Money does not equal success, marriage does not equal success, and a great job does not equal success. It is a perspective, which you, and only you, can change whenever you want.

Similarly, “power” is nothing more than an ego-inflated perspective of someone or of one’s self. My truck has power, but I do not. Washington


has no power – they are strapped by the real power in this country, namely money. But even the super rich (the top 1% of the 1%) are not powerful in real-world terms. Spiritually, however, the same super rich person may in fact be powerful; however, power in this context is rarely spoken and is a spirituality power (inside) not an outwardly (real world) power.

Be careful when you perceive someone as “successful” or “powerful,” as the context and your perspective are all you have, and either is easily manipulated to show you what you are meant to see, and will not show you what you are not supposed to see. 

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