Ten Unwholesome Actions and Wholesome Action (Buddhism)

Ten Unwholesome Actions from Buddhism

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  1. Destroying Life – Killing – Don’t kill any living being. Person, ant, bird, spider, or any other living being. No one has any right to take the life of another.
  2. Taking what is Not Freely Given – Stealing – Don’t take what isn’t freely given to you.
  3. Wrong Conduct In Regards to Sense Pleasures – Sexual misconduct – Abstain from anything sexual or sensual.
  4. False Speech – I originally associated False Speech with “Don’t lie”,  but False Speech includes much more than lying, including white lies, “didn’t hurt anyone lies”, lying by omission, information out of context, and so forth.
  5. Slanderous Speech – Bigotry – Don’t slander or claim hatred of another being.
  6. Harsh Speech –  Malicious speech – Don’t speak unkindly to another. Do unto others…
  7. Idle Chatter – Gossip – Don’t pass idle information to others. You be the stop when the gossip gets to you. Don’t pass it on.
  8. Covetousness – Coveting – Don’t spend energy wanting what others have, whether it is another person, a vehicle, a house, or a laptop. Be content with you and yours. Love you.
  9. Ill Will – Wishing harm on another – Don’t wish ill will on anyone or anything. Let each be who they are and accept who they are without judgement.
  10. Wrong View – I believe in this, not in that. Thus “that” is not my concern – Don’t close your mind to ideas that you don’t fully understand. Be open-minded. 

Ten Wholesome Actions as Described in Buddhism

Ten Wholesome Actions described in Buddhism are the exact opposites of the Ten Unwholesome Actions:

  1. Do not kill or destroy any living being, plant, animal, and so forth.
  2. Do not steal.
  3. Avoid sexual or sensual situations and practice.
  4. Tell the truth. It shall set you free.
  5. Do not slander, do be a bigot, don’t judge, and don’t be prejudice another. 
  6. Use your words wisely and kindly.
  7. Do not pass on the gossip and try not to listen to it.
  8. Love you and your life, not someone else’s.
  9. Do not wish harm or illness on another.
  10. Open your mind to all possibilities.

Reference The Dhamma Encyclopedia for more information.

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