The 38 Supreme Blessings from The Buddha

The Buddha was asked by a deva, what constituted the highest blessings? The Buddha’s answer included the following 38 blessings, which describe what is most valuable in this life.

  1. Not to associate with fools.
  2. To associate with the wise.
  3. To pay respects where they are due.
  4. To reside in a suitable location.
  5. To have previously done meritorious deeds.
  6. To be heading in the right direction.
  7. To have much learning.
  8. To be skilled and knowledgeable.
  9. To be restrained by a moral code.
  10. To have beautiful speech.
  11. To be a support for your parents.
  12. To cherishing your wife [or significant other] and children.
  13. Business pursuits, peaceful and free from conflicts.
  14. Acts of giving
  15. To conduct yourself according to Dharma.
  16. To helping your relatives.
  17. Blameless actions.
  18. To shun evil.
  19. To abstain from evil.
  20. To refrain from intoxicants.
  21. To be diligent in your practice of the Dharma.
  22. Reverence.
  23. Humility.
  24. Contentment.
  25. Gratefulness.
  26. Timely hearing of the Dharma.
  27. Patience.
  28. Meekness when corrected.
  29. To meet with (seeing) monks.
  30. To discuss the Dharma at the proper time.
  31. To have energetic self-restraint.
  32. To live a holy and chaste life.
  33. To have insight into the Noble Truths.
  34. To realize Nirvana.
  35. To have a mind unshaken by the ups and downs of life.
  36. To have freedom from sorrow.
  37. To have freedom from defilements of passion.
  38. To have perfect security.

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