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Lorewalkers Reputation – Scroll Locations

Note: I’ve not played in a long while, thus I am uncertain of any changes to this quest due to Warlords of Draenor. I have a form on the page asking if the content contains mistakes or other outdated information. Please take a second and let me know if you find my information to be incorrect.

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Cho and Lorewalkers reputation is a very long quest, but you see places you had not seen before. It’s quite fun, in my opinion. The Lorewalkers are one of many factions in World of Warcraft. Like all factions, the Lorewalkers offer benefits or perks to those that hold a high standing (reputation) with the faction. For example, the Lorewalker quartermaster sells items that you buy as you gain reputation with the faction and like any vendor, the better the item, the higher your reputations needs to be to be eligible to buy the object. At Neutral reputation, you cannot buy from the quartermaster; at Exalted reputation, you can buy all items sold by the quartermaster, and at Friendly and Honored you can buy some items. I wanted the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud, that can only be purchased at Exalted reputation with the Lorewalkers, and I assume you do too.

The easiest way (in my opinion) to become Exalted with the Lorewalkers is to find and read the lore hidden throughout Pandaria. Fortunately, there are many resources that direct you to each piece of lore. I’ve gathered what I consider the best descriptions and locations (coordinates) for each piece of lore and have documented it here. I do not take credit for this list; I do take credit for verifying the coordinates and descriptions and for formatting the list.

There are thirteen achievements. When you have completed all of one lore topic you will gain an achievement.  After you find all of the Lorewalkers Scrolls/statues of lore, your inventory will show items that begin a quest. Turn in each quest to Lorewalker Cho. Lorewalker Cho will tell you a story (visual) of each. Your reputation increases with each quest you turn in to Cho.

Lorewalker Cho is in the Mogu’shan Palace in Kun-Lai Summit on the second floor of the palace.

Lorewalker Cho
Location of Lorewalker Cho


Valley of the Four Winds

  • Ballad of Liu Lang – A Most Famous Bill of Sale: Follow the path to the top-tier of Halfhill, behind the inn. The scroll is up the stairs on the outer deck of the middle building. Coordinates: 55,47
  • Ballad of Liu Lang – The Birthplace of Liu Lang: In Stoneplow where Loon Mai stands, head up the stairs and  outside on the deck of the building to the right. Coordinates: 20,55
  • Ballad of Liu Lang – Wondering Widow: Go to the meeting stone for the Stormstout Brewery. Stand facing the stone and notice the small shrine up the grassy bank. The scroll is in the shrine. Coordinates: 34,63
  • Fish Tails – Waterspeakers: In the center of New Cifera, it is leaning against the fish statue. Coordinates: 61,34
  • Hozen in the Mist – Embracing the Passions: Located in Pang’s Stead on the left side of the building, between a tree and the hay bales. Coordinates: 83,21
  • What Is Worth Fighting For – Pandaren Fighting Tactics: At Paoquan Hollow in the far north-west corner of the map, the scroll is on the back right lakeside corner of Master Bruised Paw’s hut. Coordinates: 18,31


Krasarang Wilds

  • Ballad of Liu Lang – Waiting for the Turtle: On the beach to the east of The Incursion is a giant statue of Liu Lang riding a turtle. The scroll is leaning against the rocky base of the statue. Coordinates: 72,30
  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place – Last Stand: The cave on the lakeside to the north of Fallsong Village, the scroll is resting in a pile of bones against a rock. Coordinates: 32,29
  • Fish Tails – Origins: Inside the building in the center of Fallsong Village. Coordinates: 30,38
  • Hozen in the Mist – Hozen Maturity: Find Nayeli Lagoon on your map, in the south of the zone. On the eastern tip of the southern-most landmass at the lagoon is a cave next to a fallen Mogu statue. The scroll is in the back of this cave. Coordinates: 52,87
  • Legend of the Brewfathers – Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted: At the inn at Zhu’s Watch, stand with your back to the inn at the base of the stairs and look past the edge of the town. You’ll see a small mountain with a marked path leading up the side. Head up the hill and find the big stone statue partially carved from the hillside. Coordinates: 81,11
  • The Dark Heart of the Mogu – The Lost Dynasty: On your map, find the Ruins of Dojan. To the north of this text is a symbol that looks like a lake on a small hill. The scroll is leaning against a bronze statue in some bushes in the north-west corner of the broken wall surrounding the lake. Coordinates: 50,31
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 4: In the Temple of the Red Crane in the biggest, central building, there are two stairways at the back that lead to the upper tier. The scroll is leaning against a crane-shaped gong. Coordinates: 40,56


Kun-Lai Summit

  • Fish Tails – Role Call: At the Inkgill Mere, which is north-east of Binan Village on the island in the mouth of the cove, the scroll is inside the largest building in the center of the island. Coordinates: 74,83
  • Hozen in the Mist – The Hozen Ravage: At The Dooker Dome, which is north-east of Kota Basecamp, there is a giant monkey statue with glowing red eyes. The scroll is at the base of this statue. Coordinates: 45,61
  • Legend of the Brewfathers – Ren Yun the Blind: While questing on Mount Neverest, which is the mountain on the map to the north-east of Winter’s Blossom, make sure you take the path to the very peak of the mountain. Here you will find the giant bronze statue of Ren. Coordinates: 44,53
  • Valley of Emperors – Kun-Lai Summit: Enter the Tomb of Conquerors, go down the main staircase to the altar in the first room you come to. The scroll is leaning against the altar. Coordinates: 53,46
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 2: When you reach Seeker’s Point while questing on Mount Neverest, the scroll is leaning against a tree to the right of Lorewalker Cho. Coordinates: 43,51
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 6: At the Temple of the White Tiger to the left of the foot of the main stairs to the temple, in a little pagoda next to a tree. The main stairs are the set of stairs flanked by the two giant white tiger statues. Coordinates: 67,48
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 7: When facing the instance portal to the Shado-Pan Monastery, look to the right across the lake and you will see a path leading up the far bank over the hill. Cross the lake and follow this path to a large roofed pagoda. The scroll is in here, leaning against a miniature pagoda. Coordinates: 41,42
  • The Song of Yaungo – Yaungoil: In Fire Camp Yongqi, which is north of The Yaungol Advance, the scroll rests against the oil machine (The carts with sails) on the cliffward side of the camp. Coordinates: 71,62
  • The Song of Yaungo – Yaungol Tactics: In Fire Camp Ordo, which is the camp to the west of Westwind Rest on your map, the scroll rests against a tall totem pole outsideMusaan the Blazecaster’s tent. Coordinates: 50,79
  • What Is Worth Fighting For – Victory in Kun-Lai: On the coastal side of the Path of Conquerors, high on the hillside leaning against a gong between the house and the hot air balloon ride. Coordinates: 63,40


Jade Forest

  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place – The Saurok: Head to the Windward Isle (The Cloud Serpent dailies isle). Fly around the foot of the mountain next to Instructor Tong (west side of the island) and you will see the scroll is in the Saurok habitats. Coordinates: 67,29
  • Fish Tails – Watersmithing: Look on your map for a place called Moonwater Retreat in the far south-east corner of the zone. In the center of that village is a broken fish statue, where leans the scroll. Coordinates: 65,87
  • Hozen in the Mist – Hozen Speech: Immediately south from the Strongarm Airstrip, in the fields before the Serenity Falls lake are several aqua-colored Hozen statues. The scroll rests against the one closest to the lake. Coordinates: 26,28
  • Legend of the Brewfathers – Xin Wu Yin the Broken Hearted: This is a giant bronze statue on a hill overlooking Thunderpaw Refuge. See “The First Monks” entry below to find the refuge. Xin’s hill is the one to the right of the First Monks scroll, it is the hill with the red tree. Coordinates: 37,30
  • The Dark Heart of the Mogu – Spirit Binders: Look on your map for the Terrace of Ten Thunders. Under that text are three structure markers: the scroll is on the upper tier of the middle structure, in a back corner by the mountain. Coordinates: 42,17
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 1: In Dawn’s Blossom there’s a crescent-shaped lake near the Flight Master: the scroll is on the pagoda in this lake. Coordinates: 47,45
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 3: Outside the entrance to the Temple of the Jade Serpent, the scroll is in a little pagoda on the left side of the main staircase. Coordinates: 55,56
  • What Is Worth Fighting For – The First Monks: Imagine a diagonal line on your map between the Tian Monastery and Grookin Hill. You’ll notice the mid-point of that line passes close to a lake that lies between two mountain ranges. Hidden here is a place called Thunderpaw Refuge. The scroll is to the right of the building in the walled compound, by a well, under a tree. Coordinates: 35,30

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Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • The Dark Heart of the Mogu – The Thunder King: At the highest point in Mistfall Village, symbolized on the map as a man-made cave, is an ornate doorway guarded by two Mogu statues. The scroll is leaning against the archway. Coordinates: 40,77
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 8: On the far bank of the biggest lake where Mogu’Shan Palace sits, leaning against a small pagoda. Coordinates: 68,44
  • What Is Worth Fighting For – Always Remember: At the east side of the Tu Shen Burial Ground, on a rise in the angle of a broken building is a small shrine. The scroll is leaning against the shrine. Coordinates: 52,68
  • What Is Worth Fighting For – Together, We Are Strong: When standing at the cave entrance in the Ruins of Guo-Lai, fly up the cliff face above the red tree line and look to the right. There is a Mogu statue with its back to the cliff. The scroll is leaning against this statue. Coordinates: 26,21


Dread Wastes

  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place – The Deserters: Find the Lake of Stars on your map and notice the section of the Serpent’s Spine (the wall) that has a crack on the map. Trace a line from this crack directly to the lake and the scroll is on the lakeshore there, leaning against a rock. Coordinates: 67,60
  • Heart of the Mantid Swarm – Amber: To the east of Kor’Vess in the area known as The Horrid March is a huge tree, with a doorway cut in the front. This leads into The Amber Vault and the scroll is in the back of this area, leaning against a familiar Mantid statue/totem. Coordinates: 52,10
  • Heart of the Mantid Swarm – Cycle of the Mantid: Due west of Klaxxi’Vess is an area of glowing white and purple giant claw-like structures. The area is called The Clutches of Shek’zeer. The scroll is on the eastern edge of this area, leaning against a tree-like banner. Coordinates: 48,32
  • Heart of the Mantid Swarm – Mantid Society: On the western bank of the Lake of Stars behind some giant tree roots is a Mantid statue/totem. The scroll is leaning against this totem. Coordinates: 59,55
  • Heart of the Mantid Swarm – The Empress: Find the Heart of Fear on the map and find the giant orange-lit staircase. Travel counter-clockwise around the root system and you’ll see a familiar Mantid statue/totem. The scroll is leaning against this totem. Coordinates: 35,32


The Veiled Stair

  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place – The Defiant: When you take a boat ride with Brewmaster Boof and Egg Shell, from the far north of the the Veiled Stair to Kun-Lai Summit, you pass through a long narrow cave called The Ancient Passage. If you open your map when you’re in this sub-zone, you’ll see a lake off to the north-east. Head towards that lake, through the twisting passages of the cave. When you enter the room with the lake, the scroll is to your right, one quarter of the way around the bank. Coordinates: 55,15


Townlong Steppes

  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao – The Emperor’s Burden – Part 5: At the Niuzao Temple on the top rear deck, near the yak Ha-Cha, is a small pagoda with the scroll leaning up against it. Coordinates: 37,62
  • The Song of Yaungo – Dominance: In the south-west of Fire Camp Osul under a totem near the tent where Urang resides. Coordinates: 65,49
  • The Song of Yaungo – Trapped in a Strange Land: At Hatred’s Vice, head towards the right-angled corner of the Serpent’s Spine and look back into the vise. In your immediate view is a tent to your left, the scroll is resting against that tent. Coordinates: 84,72


I hope this helps. Please leave comments if I’ve made any mistakes.

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