Water of Life

Water with weeds
Maybe the next place where the Water bubbles up.



This is a story of the Water of Life, which was said to be one of Carl Jung’s favorites. It is a myth that has always, and will always, manifest itself in our present day life. Read it and think about the Water of Life in your life and from where it came. 

Flowing without effort, the Water of Life made itself known on the earth by bubbling up in a well. People came from all over to drink the clean, pure, and invigorating nourishment. But humans are not content to leave anything in this Edenic state, thus they began to put fences around the well, charge fees, and ultimately fought over ownership of the property to be able to limit who can and cannot drink from the well. Soon after all of this started, the well was owned by the rich and powerful. The Water of Life became angry and offended and stopped flowing, and bubbled up somewhere else.

Water Pool
Water of Life bubbles up in the most unexpected places.


The powerful, elite people that own the property on which the well is fenced and locked, were so engrossed in their own power, ownership, money, and so forth, that they didn’t notice that the Water of Life had stopped flowing. They continued selling the magic water that didn’t exist and few people noticed that it wasn’t the magic water it once was. Some did notice and set off to find the magic water again, and they found it only to claim it, fence it off, charge admission, and so forth, and ultimately offend the Water of Life, which would stop bubbling up there and bubbles up elsewhere; this continues to this day.

The Water of Life is always flowing and is available to anyone with the courage to search for the living water in its current form. The water is always found in the most unexpected places, but it is always flowing.