Favorite Photos of 2016

I lost my interest in photography during the summer of 2013; however, I purchased a new Canon T6i DSLR in 2015 and took a trip to Europe in 2016…my photography interest came back, thankfully. These are my favorite photos of 2016 that I snapped with my iPhone 6S or Canon T6i DSLR, depending on where and what I was doing at the time:

J. Hall and Co. Gentleman Tattooers in Dallas, Texas
Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! with her toy 🙂
Single orange Tiger Lily
Yellow Tulip
My youngest grew purple cabbage in our garden
I don't know what she's doing here, except being cute
2012 Dodge Durango
This storm turned us around to the terminal until it passed
Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Her first snow...she loves it
Found this in my back yard; not sure what the holes are from
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