Favorite Photos of 2016

I lost my interest in photography during the summer of 2013; however, I purchased a new Canon T6i DSLR in 2015 and took a trip to Europe in 2016…my photography interest came back, thankfully. These are my favorite photos of 2016 that I snapped with my iPhone 6S or Canon T6i DSLR, depending on where and what I was doing at the time:

Vivid purple flower
Yellow flowers
A very mossy log
Ruby is relentless with the Kitty; they play constantly
Honda SL-90 motorcycle I plan to restore
Orange Tiger Lily's
Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Her first snow...she loves it
Single orange Tiger Lily
Yellow Tulip
My youngest left for a week-long trip to So. California; my oldest was very sad to see her sister leave
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