Mental Illness

 Mental Illness

I will be writing several articles over the next few months on mental illness.

There are many people who know next to nothing about mental illness and I would like to help people become more aware and understanding of those who struggle with it every day.

I have dealt with a lot of ignorance and insult in my life over my own mental illness. People don’t have the time or patience for it; it seems like the mental illness is lot of “nonsense” to them. Mental illness can cause just as much pain, if not more, as physical pain feels to a person living with uncontrollable, chronic pain.


It’s a tricky subject. Mental illness can impact anyone, you, me, those you love. Sometimes the person with a mental illness doesn’t realize it, and once they do, and are diagnosed, it can be devastating. For example, I was diagnosed with “bi-polar with borderline personality disorder” by three doctors before I finally gave in and realized they were right.

I felt embarrassed, ashamed, and was very angry that I had to take pills for the rest of my life. Not only do the mentally ill deal with the day-to-day challenge of the mental illness itself, but the medications as well.

I have gone to psychotherapy for sixteen years, and I still struggle with emotions that come out at inappropriate times. I have tried to tell a few people about my illnesses and was quickly judged and avoided because of it, which has impacted me to the point that I keep people at a distance. I write about it with the hopes of helping myself and others.

I would encourage and appreciate any feedback. Good or bad. There is always more to learn.