Lego Dragon – Stop Motion on Green Screen

So, some years back, I decided to make a stop motion video. My wife purchased a Lego castle, which came with a dragon of course, which I used in my video. It took most of a day and was shot with a Sony F717 Cybershot camera. I’d move the wings one notch, snap a picture, move the wings, snap a picture, and so on. It doesn’t sound like it would take too long, but our cat decided he wanted to be part of the whole damn process, which made it difficult.

The green screen I used was a green cheap-o table cloth purchased at a local party store and I used string to tie the corners to the legs of the folding card table that I had the dragon set up on. The whole thing was a bit cheesy, but it turned out ok.

I posted the video on YouTube and it’s had over 6k hits, which blew me away. I had a suggestion about adding sound, so I added a wind track to the video. The background clouds are stock I have from a book I purchased, which came with a CD full of stock background video stuff.

Anyway, I’ve decided to embed the video on my site, so enjoy.


[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Lego%20Dragon%20-%20Stop%20Motion”]