Value on Others


Who hasn’t lost themselves while over-valuing another person? What have you missed out on? What have you not been able to do because your partner, whom you value more than yourself, wants to do something else? We’ve all done these things, and worse, due to the fear of losing that which we placed all of our value upon.

The following quote reminds me of a friend who values another human so much that my friend often forgets about their own value and worth. Don’t value someone else more than you value yourself; don’t love someone more than you love yourself; don’t forget YOU when you are in the middle of this paradigm. 

I decided to text it to others that the quote reminds me of, however, I didn’t want to spend the day sending texts to everyone I know, thus I decided to post it here, which will populate my Twitter and Facebook pages. Smarter than the average bear, right? I know…


“Biggest mistake one can do is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that YOU are special too.” ~ Unknown

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