Honda 1969 SL90 Motorcycle Project

My Next Project – 1969 Honda SL90 Restoration

I purchased a Honda 1969 SL90 motorcycle (for dirt and can be licensed to drive on the road) from a friend of mine who was the original owner. The motorcycle is completely assembled with all original parts (as far as I can tell.) Running is not one of the features yet, but the 89cc motor does crank. Learning the basics of motorcycle repair is essential because of my lack of knowledge on the topic, yet this project should keep me busy for a couple of years and I’ll be an expert on the 1969 Honda SL90 🙂

Documenting the Project

I’m documenting this project along with photos and video, therefore I created a photo gallery for the restoration the 1968 Honda SL90. I will embed YouTube videos I produce as well.

Honda 1969 SL90 Photos  

1969 Honda SL90 Motorcycle Refurb