My First Garden – Wrap Up

My first attempt at my own garden was a success. I grew Roma tomatoes,  Anaheim peppers,  gypsy peppers,  green bell peppers,  and orange bell peppers.

Six tomato plants, nine pepper plants

I planted six Roma tomato plants,  which turned out to be WAY too many. I was harvesting 3-4 pounds of tomatoes every couple of days through September.

first harvest
My first harvest







I made salsa and salsa and salsa. My wife made a couple of roasted tomato recipes and my youngest daughter made bruscetta. I gave tons of tomatoes and peppers away to neighbors, too.

I did not use any fertilizer or bug chemicals at all. Not that I meant to not use them,  I just never had to. We had grasshoppers here and there,  but it wasn’t too bad. I read somewhere that Marigolds keep bugs away,  so I planted Marigolds in pots and placed the pots around the garden. I’d pop the dead heads off every couple of days and throw them into the garden. I have no idea if that helped with the bugs or not,  but again,  I had no bug problems.

last harvest
Last harvest of the year




Next year I plan to increase the size of the garden from 4′ x 8′ to about 8′ x 8′. I plan to plant the same as this year and add onions,  jalapeno peppers,  garlic,  and some herbs.

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