Salt Lake Golden Eagles – Logo and Info

From my childhood; Salt Lake Golden Eagles – Logo and Info from Wikipedia. I hated how loud it was in the old Salt Palace, but the logo and colors are now iconic to me.

Salt Lake Golden Eagles logo
Salt Lake Golden Eagles

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

I had the pleasure of spending a night in the middle of Nowhere, Utah a few weeks ago. Had a great time with an old friend telling stories, memories of our childhood, etc. It was a great time.

I knew I’d have a great vantage point for a unique sunset photo shoot, so I packed all my camera gear EXCEPT MY CAMERA! So, I took photo after photo of the sunset using my iPhone 4S. I arranged the photos chronologically in my video editor and made a┬átime-lapse video. The shots aren’t lined up perfectly, but each shot is good. I continue to work on each photo individually in Photoshop before I put a photo gallery up, but for now, here’s the video:

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Sunset Over the Great Salt Lake, September 2013″]